Supporting your mission.  No matter where you are.




Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Vanguard Business Solutions is a global service provider that employs people worldwide and is principally engaged in consulting, contracting engineering, and information technology services.

Supporting your mission. No matter where you are.



Alleviating Strain & Risk Associated With International Program

Our years of experience supporting work on the local economy and inside host country military bases around the world as well as working inside American embassies and US military bases gives us the distinct advantage of being able to understand and anticipate mission requirements from an American perspective...

Administrative & Technical Staffing

Our professionals hold professional certifications and licenses in Project Management, Professional Engineering, Information Systems and Curriculum development...

Compliance Services for US Companies Operating OCONUS

Compliance services for western companies...

Design & Facility Management


Architecture & Engineering

Providing a host of services surrounding the planning and building of commercial projects that employ design and construction professionals.

Facilities Management

Providing a full range of facility operations and maintenance management, including preventive and scheduled maintenance programs.

Building Technologies

Providing automation technologies and services for commercial, industrial, public buildings and infrastructures.



A Force Multiplier for Pakistani Law Enforcement

The Pakistan Automated Fingerprint Identification System brings a state-of-the-art law enforcement tool to Pakistan and multiplies the capabilities of Pakistani law enforcement agencies to identify those who perpetrate terrorism and other criminal acts...

An FMS Capability For Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan

The Symphony counter RCIED system is among the latest additions to the growing list of critical yet supportable capabilities that are giving U.S. partner and coalition nations the confidence they need to meet their mission requirements...

Illuminating Man-Made Objects Under Concealment

FOPEN addresses the US Army’s critical need to identify hidden targets, enemy equipment and facilities...


Connecting Forward Operating Bases to the World

Connecting Forward Operating Bases to the World...

Supporting The Warfighters Software Development Needs

Embedding resources to support the warfighters needs...

Identifying Those That Do Harm

The Afghanistan Automated Biometric Identification System is a major contribution to police modernization in Afghanistan and an outstanding example of bilateral cooperation in law enforcement...


High Risk Environment Preparatory Courses & Support Services

Providing high-risk environment training to employees of the U.S. Government, non governmental organizations and multinational corporations who live and work in dangerous and austere locations worldwide...

Logistics Support & Services

Whatever your business, whatever you are building, packing and sending – We have you covered with state-of-the-art transportation and distribution solutions...

Life Support & Security Services

Remaining extremely responsive to challenging locations, we have assembled, trained and embedded teams comprising western nationals, third-country nationals and locally recruited workers to perform full support functions...



Developing Next Generation Man-Portable ISR Capabilities

Vanguard Business Solutions Wide Area Signal Prosecution System is a drone based Radio Direction Finding capability for prosecuting signals of interest...

Evolving Capabilities In Electronic Warfare

Showcasing advanced capabilities in sensing of the electromagnetic spectrum...