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The biometric program answers two basic questions, who are you, and are you a bad guy?

Lt. Col. Cristiano Marchiori - US Air Force, Advisor


Since 2005, the DoD ABIS has made 4.05M biometric matches of non-US citizens using latent prints and facial and iris recognition to: assist Commanders in implementing force protection measures; target enemy combatants; identify IED bomb makers; reduce "green-on-blue" attacks on US and Coalition Forces; and identify known/suspected terrorists attempting to enter our country to do our Nation and its citizens harm.


The Afghanistan ABIS involves the capability to recognize an individual based on measurable anatomical, physiological and behavioral characteristics. This process generally involves a biometric enrollment device, a network that can store and share enrollee information, and a system that can compare and match individuals to identities in a database.


Biometrics (especially when mated with forensics) supports decision making by providing information on individuals and threat networks. When shared with interagency and international partners, the information gathered can be applied to force protection and homeland defense, as well.

Concept of Operation

PAFIS architecture uses the commercially available Electronic Fingerprint Capture Station (EFCS) workstation that has been deployed in numerous applications including the DoD’s MEPCOM and Florida Department of Education.

Evolution & History

Formally established in late 2009 to collect the fingerprints, iris scans, and facial images of Afghan national security forces, the program’s initial goal was to keep criminals and Taliban insurgents from infiltrating the army and police force.

Our Involvement

Now, with AABIS, Afghanistan has the capability to place into a central database the fingerprints of every criminal who is arrested anywhere in the country. Police from all corners of the country can compare fingerprints collected at crime scenes against submitted or enrolled fingerprints in the PAFIS electronic repository. 


  • System roll-out to Afghanistan
  • Millions of Suspects Enrolled
  • Scores of Law Enforcement and Military Officials Trained
  • Latent & Fingerprint Capture Training courses Offered
  • Kabul Based Reach-Back IT Support
  • Nationwide Field Service Support Response
  • Return Merchandise Authorization Support
  • Data Center, Remote Sites & Network Operations Centers Designed

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