Supporting your mission.  No matter where you are.

Doing Business with VBS

VBS depends on a variety of subcontractors and suppliers for the delivery of services and commodities in the implementation of our projects. 

Competitive Advantage

To maintain a competitive advantage, VBS teams with best-in-class large and small businesses to complement our services strategy and to offer our clients comprehensive, innovative solutions.  VBS also seeks services, products, and technologies from businesses to ensure our firm has a sound infrastructure and the latest technologies to enhance our working environment.

Selection of Partners

In the selection of our partners, VBS conducts competitive procurements to obtain the best value. Depending on the need of a program, VBS issues requests for quotations (RFQs), requests for proposals (RFPs), requests for information (RFIs), and requests for applications (RFAs) for specific projects.

Register your firm with VBS

As part of our corporate commitment, we routinely seek out businesses and organizations to supplement our in-house professional, technical, and support capabilities, and enter into mutually beneficial teaming arrangements.  If interested in conducting business with VBS, please complete a firm profile in our business registration database or email us at sourcing@vgbsi.com

Current and live solicitations

Below is a list of current and live solicitations. Click on the individual links to view additional information related to individual opportunities, including contact info for obtaining the full RFQ/RFP/RFI/RFA document.