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Consulate of The Republic of Iraq in Los Angeles 
Visa Application Process



You must provide your: 

  • Actual signed passport. 
  • Including two color copies of the personal information page of your passport. 

Your passport must:

  • Be valid for the next six months.
  • Have at least one blank visa page (amendments and endorsement pages cannot be used to fulfill this requirement).
  • Not be frayed, torn, separating, or altered in any other way.


Visa Application Form

You must provide one fully completed copy of the visa application form.

The application form must:

  • Include answers for all fields.
  • Display your full name as it appears in your passport.
  • Be signed.


You must provide photographs. 

Alternatively, you may provide two color, passport-type photographs that meets the following strict criteria: 

  • Taken within the last three months against an all-white background.
  • Printed on high-quality photo paper; be identical.


Business Cover Letter 

You are required to provide a business cover letter from your U.S.-based company.


Government Cover Letter

You are required to provide a government cover letter from your government contracting office.


Government Contract

You are required to provide a copy of your company’s contract with the US government.

Submit only those pages that:

  • State contract number.
  • State period of performance.
  • Be signed.


Letter of Authorization (LOA)

You must provide one copy of your Letter of Authorization.


Proof of State Residency

You must provide a copy of your valid driver’s license or a state issued photo ID. 

The document must:

  • Display your name as it appears on your passport.
  • Display your current residence address as you have provided on your visa application.


Medical Reports


You must provide a copy of your lab results for the following:

  • COVID-19


Tracking Number

You must mail your application package with a return label to:

Vanguard Business Solutions

8200 Greensboro Drive  STE 900

McLean, VA  22102

Attention: Adel Mohammed


Please take into account any consular closings that could impact how much time you will need to get your travel documents processed and returned to you prior to your trip.


Other Products & Services Frequently Sourced By Our Customers

Alternative & Courses

This CRC alternative program is designed as pre-deployment training for individuals who will be working in a high-risk environment. The program includes medical, current threat briefing; individual protective measures training; weapons training; and a review of tactics, techniques and procedures. The cornerstone of this instruction is identifying the physiological effects of imminent danger and how the individual can perform successfully with these effects present. Skills for avoiding potentially hazardous situations are covered as well as skills to prevail when avoidance is impossible. Weapons, ammunition and training equipment will be provided. The course is modular by design to accommodate the specific requirements of different contractors. Appropriate attire is comfortable ‘street’ clothes. For additional details please contact us to receive a copy of our informational brochure or to schedule an over the phone discussion.

Life Support &

Offering turn key life support services in the Middle-East, Southwest Asia and Africa. The facilities that we have are suitable for occupation by western expats and are located in areas that provide the best overall security for westerners. Our facility physical security systems include IP based video surveillance and IP based physical access control. Video surveillance includes camera coverage of the interior of buildings and exterior cameras are positioned to provide views of the immediate outside spaces to include beyond the compound street views. Special attention is paid to “hot spots”. In addition to static and roving guards all of our facilities are equipped with housekeeping, kitchen, laundry, gym and concierge service. For additional details please contact us to receive a copy of our informational brochure or to schedule an over the phone discussion.

Our Personnel Security Details are responsible for moving personnel to and from designated sites. Missions are designed and conducted to protect clients from interference by insurgents or other threatening bodies, kidnappings, and improvised explosive devices. At a minimum, our PSDs are ready to protect our client personnel in a close-in or standoff posture, and are able immediately to intercept threats with the appropriate force necessary, with the objective of neutralizing the identified threat and/or removing personnel from the threat area. Our PSD’s consist of licensed NATO, Non-Nato and Local National Close Protection Officers. 


Offering secure and environmentally controlled light-industrial work spaces in the United States and Internationally. Facilities secured with controlled employee entry and safety features for assembly, processing, packaging, maintenance and depot operations work. Located inside and near major international airports as well as near to and inside US and NATO compounds. Equipped for storage, distribution and fulfillment with ample docking and loading space. Structures built to heights of 10 meters with open layouts with minimal pillars for ease of Mechanical Handling Equipment.

Managing your transportation logistics is complex and more so at your international locations. Whether you need customized vehicles, engineered processes for effective delivery and handling of products, expertly trained drivers, or you require tools on the ground to manage your overall network and day-to-day operations. We can provide you with a unique solution to overcome the complexities no matter where you need them.

When time is of the essence, and other modes of transportation are not an option, our network of air carriers proves to be a great asset. From “next flight out" on commercial airliners to large shipments on freighters, we provide our clients options and help to determine the best way to achieve their transportation goals.

Our industry experts are available to support project planning, equipment decision, delivery and more. Additionally our vast catalog of rental equipment solutions ensures that we have the items that you need to keep your work site operational. 

International Program

We have built an expansive list of qualifications and expertise in security Assistance & defense cooperation as well as international development. Our professionals are experts in their field and are chosen for their commitment to customer service and total contract success. Our professionals understand partner nation challenges and know how to respond. Our professionals hold many professional certifications and licenses in Project Management, Professional Engineering, Information Systems and Curriculum development. 

We recognize the importance of having a skilled workforce standing by and available to respond to the needs of our clients. We maintain a global staff of highly skilled professionals that are engineers, IT professionals, computer scientists, medical professionals, scientists, lawyers, economists, educators, business professionals, course curriculum developers, instructors, translators, linguists, interpreters, technicians and analysts. Our professionals apply their rich experiences gained from working on long term assignments in the middle-east and southwest Asia.

Contractors seeking to execute projects in underdeveloped countries especially in Southwest Asia, the middle-east and Africa are well aware that laws and processes governing business and immigration are fluid, vague and seldom publicly announced. The last fifteen years have been particularly dynamic as business and immigration laws have undergone massive restructuring in an effort to modernize and meet international standards. Throughout this time, Our teams of specialists are on the ground successfully navigating these changes for our clients every step of the way. Driven by our clients needs we interact daily with government offices on a myriad of issues. This means we are always up- to-date on the practical application of the constantly changing local government laws and processes.

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